Aka Well

Near the Kondo, there is the “miraculous spring water of Mii” that was used for the first baths for Emperors Tenji, Tenmu and Jito. Since ancient times, the water has been offered as Akasui (the water for offerings) to Maitreya, the principal image of the Kondo.
The name of this temple, Miidera derives from “Mii no tera” which means “a temple with holy spring water”.
An ancient record says that a dragon god with nine heads lived in the spring water fountain; he appeared 10 days a year between one and three o’clock at night to offer flowers to Maitreya, the principal image of the Kondo. Nobody was allowed to be close to the fountain on those days when the dragon god appeared, otherwise punishment and blame would have been imposed.

place associated with
Akaiya Well House in Onjoji Temple

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