Hosen-e Ceremony

The wooden statue of Matsuo Basho enshrined in the Okinado of Gichuji Temple has a nyoi staff, one of the Buddhist instruments. Hosen-e is the ceremony to change the nyoi staff to a white fan. Chomu, the monk who revived Mumyo-an hut, founded the ceremony in 1769.
On the day of the Hosen-e ceremony, haiku poetry enthusiasts visit the Okinado, and sutra chanting is carried out in front of the statue of Basho, and the ascetic of Mumei-an hut switches Basho’s nyoi staff to the white fan. Later, a memorial service for Chomu is conducted and poems are offered during sutra chanting in the Asahido.
The white fan offered at the Hosen-e ceremony in May is switched back to the nyoi staff again at the Shigure-e ceremony held on the second Sunday of November.

Holding period
The 2nd Saturday of May
The Okinado, the Asahido in Gichuji Temple

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