Nehan-e Memorial Service

Nehan-e is also called Nehan-ko, and is a memorial service to commemorate and to show gratitude toward the great work of Shakyamuni Buddha [also known as the Buddha] on February 15 in the old calendar, the day on which Shakyamuni Buddha passed away.
The Nehan-e Memorial Service was revived in the current form in 1610 and is held on March 15 every year on the solar calendar.
A wide image of Shakyamuni Buddha entering nirvana is hung in the main hall, the Kondo. In the center, there is Shakyamuni Buddha who entered nirvana lying on his right side under the sal tree with his head to the north and facing the west, and the ten great disciples, various bodhisattvas, deities, animals and even insects gather around Shakyamuni Buddha. Their lament over the death of Shakyamuni Buddha is drawn in details on a large screen.
At the memorial service, monks hold up offerings and go around in front of the image of Shakyamuni Buddha entering nirvana, chanting sorrowfully as they mourn.

Holding period
March 15
The Kondo in Onjoji Temple

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