Onjōji Temple’s Gohōzenjin-dō Hall (Sendangosha)

Gobōzenjindō is a hall dedicated to the Kishimonjin, the deity of children and childbirth. Every year on May there is a festival called “Sendango Matsuri”. From 1725 (10th year of Kyōho Era) started a large scale maintenance work. It is on an area large 20m north-south and 100m east-ovest. On west side there is a sangensha (on three pillars) building, and a karamon gate surrounded by sugibei walls (li. transparent). In the small garden in front of the building there was a hall of worship, a pond with a stone bridge. There was also a plan to open the front gate and align all the building but Gobōzenjindō was moved to the actual place in 1734 (19th year of Kyōho Era).

Designation Category
Cultural Property of City of Ōtsu
The Period
Edo Period (12th Year of Kyōho Era, 1727)

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