Otsumatsuri Hikiyama Exhibition Pavilion

This is the Otsumatsuri Hikiyama Exhibition Pavilion.
Otsu-matsuri is one of the three major lake province festivals with 400 years of history. With its musical accompaniment sounding “Kon-chiki-chin”, 13 splendid hikiyama festival floats set off from Tenson Shrine in Kyomachi san-chome and cruise the whole city. All Hikiyama were made in the Edo Period [between the 17th and 19th centuries] and designated as a Tangible Folk-Cultural Property by the city. It features a mechanical doll on each float.
At the Otsumatsuri Hikiyama Exhibition Pavilion, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the festival with a full-scale hikiyama replica and a townscape with tradesman’s houses. You can see closely the movement of a mechanical doll, experience a musical accompaniment, and watch Otsu-matsuri festival on the screen. Decorations for hikiyama such as transom carvings and hanging curtains are also displayed.

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