Chisho Daishi Goshoki Memorial Service

This is a great ceremony held in the Toin on October 29, the day when the founder of Miidera Temple, Chisho Daishi, passed away.
The seated statues of Chisho Daishi that are designated as National Treasures are normally kept hidden from public view. On the day of the ceremony, these statues are revealed to the monks. In the Toin Daishido Hall, the monks chant to praise Chisho Daishi and pass offerings from hand to hand.
At the Toin Kanjodo Hall, a tea ceremony for the deity is conducted in the Mii-koryu Sencha Tea Ceremony style.
After the tea is offered to the statues of Chisho Daishi, Hokke-senbo, the procedure of the ceremony, is solemnly conducted by the monks to praise Chisho Daishi’s great work.

Holding period
October 29
The Toin in Onjoji Temple

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