Ishiyama Festival

This is a grand festival of Sanjuhassho Gongensha Shrine that is held in May 5.
Sanjuhassho Gongensha Shrine is a tutelary shrine of Ishiyamadera Temple and is located on the wollastonite to the east side of the Main Hall. Thirty-eight deities from Japanese ancient deities [the first emperors] to the 38th emperor, Emperor Tenji, are enshrined in the shrine.
On the day of the festival, the transferal of a sacred palanquin carried by adults and another sacred palanquin carried by children begins, starting from Shingu Shrine located next to the south of Ishiyamadera Temple.
Shingu Shrine was built by dividing the shrine’s tutelary deity of Sanjuhassho Gongensha Shrine for people from Terabe who used to visit Chikatsuo Shrine in Kokubu. The groups carrying the sacred palanquins eventually reach Ishiyamadera Temple and go around its precinct. The sight of heavy sacred palanquins going up steep stone steps leading to the Main Hall is absolutely spectacular.

General admission
Holding period
May 5
Sanjuhassho Gongen Shrine in Ishiyamadera Temple

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