Kobo Daishi Shomiei-ku Memorial Services

This is an important memorial service where the virtue of Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Shingon sect, is commemorated and prayers of deep gratitude are offered.
It normally takes place on March 21, the date of death of Kobo Daishi; however, it is held a month later, on April 21, in Ishiyamadera Temple.
The offerings for the Shomiei-ku Memorial Service in Ishiyamadera Temple are unique and are passed down for centuries: cherry blossoms from the precinct for the daidan dais; fresh fruits and vegetables, sweet buns and dry food such as kelp, yuba (soy-milk skin) and koya-dofu (freeze-dried tofu) to offer in front of the images of Kobo Daishi and Shunnyu Naigu who was the third head priest of Ishiyamadera Temple.

Holding period
April 21
The Mieido Hall in Ishiyamadera Temple

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