Ishiyamadera Ume Tsukushi (Ishiyamadera Temple Japanese Plum Blossom Festival)

The Ishiyamadera Temple Japanese Plum Blossom Festival takes place when Japanese plum trees start blossoming. During the festival, 400 trees of 40 types of Japanese plum trees are in full bloom in three Japanese plum gardens in the precinct. In various places in the precinct, 30 to 40 Japanese plum bonsai in full bloom are also displayed.
In the vicinity of Ishiyamadera Temple, “Ume no Omotenashi” is held where food and sweets made from Japanese plums are on sale for a limited time. You can enjoy the faint scent of Japanese plums and a touch of spring.

General admission
Holding period
Mid-February to mid-March
The whole precinct in Ishiyamadera Temple

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