Ishiyamadera Hachidairyūōsha Shrine

The Hachidairyūōsha Shrine is located in a place that is further away from the Muyūen from the Tōdai-mon gate (East gate), built in the island in the pond of Ryūketsu . Ryūketsu is a pond in which rain surely falls under the blazing sun, and in the “Ishiyamadera Engi Emaki”, the Ishiyamadera Temple’s preceptor Koyomi from the Mora Sutta was escorted at the side of the the dragon kings who appeared from inside of the pond, and the drawing shows that background appearins while the preceptors goes back to the thatched hut. The big round stone in front of the pond where the preceptor was sitting all the time during the sutra is called “Koyomi Osho Shikkake Ishi”.

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