Jizō-dō (Nan-in Amulet Issuing Temple)

Jizō-dō is placed on a rock between Nagara Jinja and Kannon-dō. According to a record of 1733 (19th year of Kyōho Era), “Ōmi yochishiryaku”, the sculpture of Jizō Bosatsu (Kṣitigarbha ) enshrined inside is by the famous artist Jōchō. The actual hall is from 1819 (2nd year of Bunsei Era). It is a simple building but has rich decorations like the sankawarabuki roof, kōryō arabesque on the prospect and lion shaped projections.

Designation Category
Cultural Property of City of Ōtsu
The Period
2nd year of Bunsei Era (1819)

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