Sekisemimaru Shrine

This is Sekisemimaru Shrine.
It is believed to have been founded as a tutelary deity of Osaka checking station, the east entrance of Heiankyo (the then-capital), and the deity of paths to protect the safety of highways. There are Kamisha and Shimosha [which literally mean upper and lower shrines, respectively]. The enshrined deities of Kamisha and Shimosha are Sarutahiko no Mikoto and Toyotama-hime, respectively. In 946, the spirit of Semimaru, a master player of the Japanese lute, was enshrined in both shrines, and Semimaru became worshipped as the ancestor deity of music.
A hexagon-shaped shigure lantern located next to the main shrine of Shimosha was made in the Kamakura Period [between the late 12th and the early 14th centuries], and was designated as an Important Cultural Property. There is also the mound of Ono no Komachi where the monument with her poetry stands.

Designation Category
Important Cultural Property (Stone lantern in Shimosha)

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