Kyotai-e Ceremony

This is a ceremony to praise Priest Kyotai who protects Miidera Temple and is conducted at the Kyotaido.
According to A Collection of Notable Tales Old and New, Priest Kyotai lived in Miidera Temple as an incarnation of Miroku Nyorai to guard the Buddhist teachings and protected this holy place. However, when Chisho Daishi entered Miidera Temple, he went to a stone cave and hid himself.
Inside of the Kyotaido where the statue of Priest Kyotai is enshrined, there is a stone cave that looks like a well. There is a tradition that when monks of Miidera Temple enter the priesthood, their shaved hair is put there.

Holding period
November 11
Kyōtai-dō Temple in Onjoji Temple

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