Mii-koryu Seizan Tea Ceremony

The originator of this Mii old-style sencha-do tea ceremony is Miidera Temple. It originated when an elder called Tsuboiken of Miidera Temple offered tea to the visitors, using pure holy water gushing out from the “miraculous spring water of Mii” which was said to have been used for the first baths for Emperors Tenji, Tenmu and Jito.
Currently, tea ceremonies take place twice a year: the Seizan Tea Ceremony while cherry blossoms bloom in Spring; and the Kofu Tea Ceremony, a ceremony to offer tea at the Oshoki-e Memorial Service conducted on the anniversary of Chisho Daishi in autumn.

General admission
Holding period
The 1st or 2nd Sunday of April
The Toin in Onjoji Temple

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