Sonjo-o Star Festival

The Sonjo-o Star Festival includes the prayers and austerities of esoteric Buddhism in which the Tenson [another name for the Buddha] is Sonjo-o, the poler star. It involves offering prayers to the stars, wishing for the prevention of calamities, good health and longevity, and takes place every year around the beginning of the spring in the old calendar.
The Sonjo-o teaching is one of the unique great teachings exclusive to Onjoji Temple and is called “Jimon no Misyuho”. After an officiating priest enters the hall, “Jiryu shomyo”, the Buddhist hymn of Onjoji Temple, is chanted.
After a courtesy speech by the officiating priest, good fortune for the new year is prayed for while 64 candles are lit and smoke from a goma ritual fills the hall.

General admission
Holding period
The day before the beginning of the spring in February (around February 3)
Homyoin Temple in Onjoji Temple

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