Bishamon-e Memorial Service

Every year, August 26 is the day of a special relation with Bishamonten (Vaisrovana in Sanskrit), once a year.
At Ishiyamadera Temple, the memorial service takes place in front of the statue of Tobatsu-bishamonten, the principal image of the Bishamondo, and local visitors participate in the service.
Bishamonten is worshipped as the deity of military arts, one of the seven deities of good fortune and one of 33 transformed figures of Kannon Bodhisattva. The Illustrated Legend of Ishiyamadera scroll 6 says that Nakahara no Chikayoshi prayed for a victory at Ishiyamadera Temple to hunt down the rebels of Wazuka, then Bishamonten appeared and Chikayoshi defeated the rebels thanks to the divine protection.

Holding period
August 26
The Bishamon Hal in Ishiyamadera Temple

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