Hana Matsuri (Buddha’s Birthday Festival)

This is a festival to celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha [also known as the Buddha]. The festival is also called Kanbutsu-e or Gotan-e.
It normally takes place on April 8, the actual Shakyamuni Buddha‘s birthday; however, it takes place a month later, on May 8, in Ishiyamadera Temple.
A decorated Hanamido with lotus flowers is set up in the Main Hall. To celebrate, hydrangea tea is poured onto the statue of the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha enshrined in the Hanamido. This is derived from the lore that blessed rain fell when Shakyamuni Buddha walked seven steps forward just after his birth and said, “I alone am the world honored one”, pointing to the sky with his right hand and the ground with his left hand.
Hydrangea tea is offered to visitors in the Main Hall on the festival day.

General admission
Holding period
May 8
The Main Hall in Ishiyamadera Temple

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