Goo-san (Monzen-ichi market)

Every 18th day of the month is the day of a special relation with Kannon Bodhisattva.
In the precinct in front of the Ishiyamadera Temple gate, the Kannon-ichi market, familiarly known as Goo-san, takes place. Approximately 30 street stalls line up and sell famous clam soup, retro items, antiques, clothes, freshly picked vegetables, fish salted and dried overnight and so on. The market attracts men and women of all ages. January the 18th, the first day of the market of the year is called Hatsu-goo-san. On that day, Goho-oden is exclusively prepared. [Goho means five treasures, and oden is a type of Japanese stew.] December the 18th, the last day of the market of the year is called Shimai-goo-san, and many visitors come to buy decorations and food for the end of the year and New Year.

General admission
Holding period
Every 18th of the month
The front precinct of Ishiyamadera Temple

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