Tō-in Four Pillar Gate

Tō-in was built in the area of the mountain side of Kondo towards the Kannon-do, which is one step higher than the stone wall and the mud wall, and was built as the main gate to the clearsing area which is the temple of Chisho daishi in the first year of the Kan’ei era (1624). At the beginning of the construction, it was a Munamon without Hikaebarashi (gusset pillars). When repairing it in the 4th year of the Jo-o era, pillars were set up in front of and behind the main pillar, and it was changed into the shape of a quadruped gate of gabled and cypress bark roof. The stone pavement leading to the quadruped gate and the stone lanterns on both sides are wrapped in a clean atmosphere.

Designation Category
Cultural Property of Japan
The Period
1st year of the Kanei Era (1624)

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