Takebe-taisha Shrine

Located at about 500 meters east of Seta’s stone Bridge. It is called to be Omi Ichinomiya, one of the most prestigious nationwide companies with a long history. The enshrined deity is Yamoto Takeru no mikoto. In the Nara period Kanzakigun Tatebego was transferred to Seta Onoyama (unknown location)’s summit, then Takebeushi transferred it to the current location.
At the end of the Heian period, Minamoto no Yoritomo was caught by Heike and while passing by Izu, he stopped by Takebe-taisha to pray for the Genji restoration, and gathered faith as a god of martial fortune since the wish came out brilliantly.
The shrine stands next to the main shrine dedicated to Yamoto Takeru no mikoto and to worship Onamuchi, and the unfinished shrines stand side by side. As a treasure, there is a wooden Heian period work of a deity’s seated figure called the Princess of Yamoto Takeru no mikoto, and it is designated as an important cultural property along with the stone lantern in the precincts.
The famous Senkosai Festival is held on 17th August every year.

Designation Category
Important Cultural Property of Japan (Wooden Seated Goddess, Stone Lantern)

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