Ishiyamadera two-storied pagoda

Multi-storied pagodas built to rise above wollastonite were donated to Minamoto no Yoritomo and we know from writings on the back of a agarigamachi’s dais for a Buddhist image that it was erected in the 5th year of the Kenkyu period (1194). It is known as the oldest multi-storied pagoda among the multi-storied pagodas, known for its balance between the upper and lower layers and the beauty of the curves of the eaves, and it is known as the oldest proud beautiful treasures of Japan.
The principal image is a statue of Dainichi Buddha (Important Cultural Property) of the Diamond Realm, and it has been found out that it is the work of a Kamakura period’s Buddhist image maker Kaikei, from the inscription and style of the statue’s interior. Various deities and Godaizon are drawn on the four heaven pillars surrounding the Diamond Realm.
As a valuable example showing the level of Buddhist painting in the transition period from the Heian period back to the Kamakura period at the time of the establishment of the multi-storied pagodas, it has been designated as important cultural properties.

Designation Category
National Treasure
三間多宝塔 檜皮葺

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