Gohōsha Azukaribō Front Gate and Gatekeeping place

This is the Front Gate and Gatekeeper post to Zairinbō, which is the Azukaribō of Gohōsha, Azukaribō being the residence and living quarters for those monks who look after and administer all necessary duties related to Shinra shrine and Tō-in.
During the last restoration work carried out on Gohōsha in 1727, Azukaribō was built along with guest quarters and kitchen facilities.
The front gate, representative of the Yakui-mon style and made of high grade Japanese zelkova, in addition to the rare example of a Gatekeeper post, make these buildings of significant cultural value.

Designation Category
Cultural Property of City of Ōtsu
The Period
12th year of the Kyōhō era (1727)

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