Kyotai-e Ceremony

This is a ceremony to praise Priest Kyotai who protects Miidera Temple and is conducted at the Kyotaido. According to A Collection of Notable Tales Old and New, Priest Kyotai lived in Miidera Temple as an incarnation of Miroku Nyorai to guard the Buddhist teachings and protected this holy place. However, when Chisho Daishi entered […]

Chisho Daishi Goshoki Memorial Service

This is a great ceremony held in the Toin on October 29, the day when the founder of Miidera Temple, Chisho Daishi, passed away. The seated statues of Chisho Daishi that are designated as National Treasures are normally kept hidden from public view. On the day of the ceremony, these statues are revealed to the […]

Atomic Bomb Victim Memorial Service

This is a memorial service to console the spirits of atomic bomb victims and to pray for world peace. It has been held every year at Miidera Temple since 1953. On the day of the memorial service, many citizens gather in front of the Kannondo Hall, the 14th post of Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage, and […]

Miidera Temple Fudayaki Ceremony

This is a ceremony held on January 15 every year where disused old talismans are burned with a sacred fire to make their sprits return to the shrine. In front of Goho Zenshindo Shrine in Miidera Temple, a holy sanctuary enclosed by four sides is created. Charms, prayer tags and dolls are piled up high. […]

Miidera Temple Sendango Festival

Goho Zenshindo Shrine which enshrines the deity Kishibojin, the guardian deity of Chisho Daishi, has been worshipped as the guardian deity of pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing since ancient times, and is familiarly known as “Sendango-san”. The Sendango Festival held every May is known as the representative festival of Otsu which has lasted for more than […]

Honzan Saito Daigoma-ku Ceremony

Saito Daigoma-ku is a ceremony characteristic of the mountain asceticism which involves praying for wish fulfilment by throwing goma sticks in which people’s wishes are entrusted into a sacred fire. Monks and ascetics gathered at the Kannondo Hall, the 14th stop on Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage, and march after the flag of the head temple […]

Mii-koryu Seizan Tea Ceremony

The originator of this Mii old-style sencha-do tea ceremony is Miidera Temple. It originated when an elder called Tsuboiken of Miidera Temple offered tea to the visitors, using pure holy water gushing out from the “miraculous spring water of Mii” which was said to have been used for the first baths for Emperors Tenji, Tenmu […]

Kanbutsu-e Ceremony

This is a Buddhist event to celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha [also known as the Buddha]. It is also called Hana Matsuri and is held on April 8. The current Kanbutsu-e ceremony held in the Kondo is a ceremony that was revived in 1740 by making a Hanamido and a statue of the birth […]

Nehan-e Memorial Service

Nehan-e is also called Nehan-ko, and is a memorial service to commemorate and to show gratitude toward the great work of Shakyamuni Buddha [also known as the Buddha] on February 15 in the old calendar, the day on which Shakyamuni Buddha passed away. The Nehan-e Memorial Service was revived in the current form in 1610 […]

Sonjo-o Star Festival

The Sonjo-o Star Festival includes the prayers and austerities of esoteric Buddhism in which the Tenson [another name for the Buddha] is Sonjo-o, the poler star. It involves offering prayers to the stars, wishing for the prevention of calamities, good health and longevity, and takes place every year around the beginning of the spring in […]