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Otsu City Hama Otsu / Ishiyama Area Cultural Heritage Utilization Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) is a collection of “Lake Biwa Otsu History Encyclopedia (web site)” and “Biwako Otsu History Encyclopedia (Smartphone Application)”, “Biwako Otsu History About the use of the “related websites” (hereinafter also referred to as “this site”) and “Biwako Otsu History Encyclopedia (smartphone application)” (together hereinafter “this application”), the following As stipulated in the Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms”).

Article 1 (Scope of coverage)
This agreement is for those who conduct browsing of this site, participation in events held on this site, posting etc concerning browsing of this site, participation in events held on this site, etc. It is applied to users). The user shall comply with these Terms in conducting browsing of this site, participation in events held on this site, posting etc.
Individual provisions and additional provisions separately posted on this site by the Society shall constitute a part of these Terms. In the case where these individual provisions or additional provisions are different from this agreement, the individual regulation or additional provision shall prevail. Even for the individual regulations and supplementary provisions listed above, membership laws applicable only to members are not applicable to non-members. There are events, services, etc. that can not be used without membership on this site.

Article 2 (usage fee)
The fee for users to use this site will be free, unless the Society posts them on this website specially. The cost of installing the communication equipment etc. of the user, the telephone fee required to use this site, the service usage fee etc of the Internet connection provider etc shall be borne by the user.

Article 3 (Method of notice from the Society to users)
Notice from the Society to the user shall be made by sending a direct mail (including a mailing list) to the mail address that can be sent by the user, unless otherwise specified in this agreement.

Article 4 (Approval of regulations)
Users must confirm this agreement before using this site and agree on its contents. The Society can be regarded as a user who perused this Terms carefully and accepted all of the contents by using the user’s website.

Even if the user suffers a disadvantage due to incorrect or incomplete contents entered on the screen of this site in using this site, the Society will not be held responsible at all.

Article 5 (Rejection of use)
The Society may not allow users to use this site if the user falls under any of the reasons specified below.
(1) When the user does not actually exist
(2) In the event that the user has refused to use the site due to violation of this agreement, etc. in the past
(3) False, misprinted or missing entries in matters entered during use
(4) In the case where the user is a legally restricted ability person (minor, adult ward or the like) and does not obtain consent of the legal representative, curator or assistant at the time of use
(5) Other cases, the Society judges that it is ineligible as a user

Article 6 (Prohibition of use of information)
The user shall not be able to use any information obtained through the use of this site beyond the scope of private use, except as permitted by the Society or the holder of rights pertaining to the information.

Article 7 (Sweepstakes)
In the sweepstakes held at this site, the Society shall make a strict drawing (except when the Society specially designates another method).

Users shall comply with the matters specified at the time of the prize execution by the Society and voluntarily subscribe.

In the sweepstakes held at this site, the Society shall not be held responsible for anything other than the Society will do.

Article 8 (Trackback, posting etc)
Information such as writing, posting, sending images, trackbacks etc. on the bulletin board on this site is basically posted, but in case of inappropriate remarks / images set in advance by the Society, it can not be posted there is.

Even after posting on this site, if we decide that it is necessary, we can delete information and change placement place without notifying the user in advance. In addition, we do not respond to the explanation of the reasons such as inappropriate placement and place change.

Advertisers related to the Society and this site are not responsible for information such as posting, posting to the bulletin board, posting, sending images, trackback, etc.

Article 9 (Consent matter on the Road Traffic Act and Precautions on Use)

(1) Please do not operate or watch goggles on a mobile terminal, smartphone or tablet as users are driving a car, a motorized bicycle, a bicycle, etc. while traveling on foot and it is very dangerous. Before operating or gazing at the operation of a mobile terminal, smartphone or tablet, be sure to stop the car etc. in a safe place. We do not assume any responsibility even if the user caused any accident etc during operation or watching of mobile terminal, smartphone or tablet.
(2) Since the information provided in this application may differ from the actual, please use this application at your own risk in accordance with the actual signage and traffic regulation even at the time of route guidance by navigation.

Article 10 (Notes on location information)

Depending on the model and settings of the user you may not be able to use the services that require the user’s location information in this application. In addition, the position information of the positioning result by the GPS, the WiFi base station, the electronic compass, etc. provided by this application may be displayed when the position is not displayed or an error occurs with the actual position depending on the usage environment or the radio wave condition of the GPS satellite Although we have, we do not assume any responsibility as to the error of information contents due to accuracy of position information.

Article 11 (Handling of personal information)
On this site, users may need to enter and send personal information when using. Based on the law concerning the protection of personal information, we will use it for the management of this site. In addition, on each page on this site, there are cases where special purpose is set. We will strictly control the collected personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation and tampering.

Other This is the official SNS site including Facebook, Twitter etc linked with this site link, management of SNS companies about the handling of personal information about contents. For details, please see the terms of service of SNS companies.

We will erase the personal information that we do not need to hold securely and promptly.

Article 12 (Prohibited matter)
When using this site, users shall not perform the acts prescribed in the following items.
(1) to use this site with unauthorized purpose
(2) Any act that infringes the copyright, trademark right or other rights of the Society or a third party, or an action that may be likely to occur
(3) Use of this site for sales activities, for the purpose of profit and use for preparing it
(4) Communication of information by means other than information transmission means defined by the Society
(5) Falsification of information posted on this site
(6) Transmission or writing of information (computers, programs, etc.) other than information determined by the Society
(7) Acts that interfere with the operation of this site
(8) Actions that hurt the honor of the Society or third parties or interfere with business
(9) Acts of publishing or posting information contrary to public order and morals (including but not limited to obscene or violent messages, graphics, sound etc.) on this site
(10) Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Society
With respect to the result of violating the preceding paragraph, the user who made the violation is responsible and the Society shall not bear any responsibility.

Article 13 (suspension of operation of this site)
The Society may suspend some or all of the operation of this site without notifying the user in advance if there is any reason specified in each of the following items.
(1) When conducting maintenance, inspection, or renewal of equipment or system for the operation of this site periodically or urgently
(2) In cases where it is difficult to operate this website due to force majeure, war, terrorism, riots, mayhem, labor dispute, earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, blackout
(3) When services of telecommunications carriers indispensable for display etc. of this site are not provided
(4) In addition, when the Society deems it necessary to temporarily suspend or stop the operation of this site, or if it is judged that it is difficult for the Society to manage this site due to unforeseen circumstances on an operational or technical basis, Shall bear no responsibility for any reason, regardless of the reasons for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the user or a third party due to the temporary suspension or suspension of the operation of this site under the preceding paragraph.

Article 14 (Compensation for Damages)
(1) When the user gives damage to a third party through the use of this site, the user shall resolve it with his / her own responsibility and expense, and the Society shall not take any responsibility. In the event that the user damages the Society by violating this Agreement, the Society shall be able to make a claim for damages against such user, and such user shall notify the Society of such damage You must compensate.
(2) The Company shall not be liable for damages (including direct damages, indirect damages, extraordinary losses, incidental damages, derivative damages, lost profits, but not limited thereto) caused to users due to the use or unavailability of this application , We are not responsible for anything. (3) The Company’s limitation of liability to the customer in the preceding paragraph shall apply regardless of whether the Company has recognized the possibility of occurrence of the above-mentioned damage or not.

Article 15 (Rights pertaining to transmitted information)
This information on the case where the user sent sentences, images and other information to the Society through this site, and the work concerning the copyrighted work created upon request of questionnaires and questionnaires from the Society The right shall be transferred from the user to the Society, including the rights of Article 27 of the Copyright Act and Article 28 of said Law.

Article 16 (Change of the Terms)
The Society shall be able to modify these Terms without notice or consent to the User. Regarding the contents of this modified agreement, the terms posted at the time the user uses this site shall be valid.


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