Privacy policy

“Biwako Lake Otsu History Encyclopedia” properly handles the collection, use and management of personal information provided through opinion recruitment etc according to “Shiga prefecture personal information protection ordinance” as follows.

■ What is personal information
Lake Biwa Lake Otsu refers to information that can be identified by a specific individual such as address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. provided through the encyclopedia of history.

■ Collection of personal information
Provision of personal information depends on the will of the user himself / herself. When collecting the collection of personal information, we clearly indicate the collection purpose. We will not collect personal information concerning ideas, creeds and religions, and personal information that may cause social discrimination, except as provided for in the Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information. Restriction on use / provision of personal information
Personal information provided by you will be used within the scope of collection purpose specified beforehand. We will not provide the users in the relevant executing agency (*) that has a high collection purpose for things other than the executing agency, except as stipulated in the Ordinance for Personal Information Protection.

※ The executing agency is a governor, a hospital business manager, a parliament, a board of education, an election management committee, a personnel committee, an audit committee, a public safety commission, a police chief, a labor committee, an expropriation committee, a sea area fishery adjustment Committee and inland water fishing ground management committee and local independent administrative corporation established by prefecture.

■ Management of personal information
We will strictly control personal information collected, and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, and tampering.

We will erase the personal information that we do not need to hold securely and promptly.


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