Jizō-dō (Nan-in Amulet Issuing Temple)

Jizō-dō (Nan-in Amulet Issuing Temple)
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Jizō-dō is placed on a rock between Nagara Jinja and Kannon-dō. According to a record of 1733 (19th year of Kyōho Era), “Ōmi yochishiryaku”, the sculpture of Jizō Bosatsu (Kṣitigarbha ) enshrined inside is by the famous artist Jōchō. The actual hall is from 1819 (2nd year of Bunsei Era). It is a simple building but has rich decorations like the sankawarabuki roof, kōryō arabesque on the prospect and lion shaped projections.

Specified Classification Cultural Property of City of Ōtsu
Location 246 Onjōji-chō, Ōtsu city, Shiga prefecture