About the Organization

Organization introduction
Otsu city Hama Otsu · Ishiyama area Cultural heritage utilization execution committee

■ Purpose of the Society
The Society creates and preserves the historical climate and scenery by enjoying, thinking and acting with the novel approach of the historic cultural heritage possessed by Otsu City, which has cultivated rich nature and unique history and tradition We measure, and aim to contribute to the making of communities where local residents can live proudly.

■ Information on cultural heritage

In Shiga prefecture, we will send information on the existing cultural heritage in Ishiyama – Hamadotsu district, centering on the temples (Ishiyamaji, Mitsuji) where nature is rich and many historic buildings remain. By walking around the cultural heritage many people will know the scenery of Lake Biwa and the cityscape in the city. In addition, the portal site is multilingual compatible (Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean · French), it responds to tourists from overseas as well as from domestic, it will disseminate the charm of Otsu around the world.

■ Otsu City Hama Otsu / Ishiyama Area Cultural HeritageUtilization Committee
(Executive Officer)
Chairman Washio Yoritaka (President of the Ishiyama Tourism Association, Ohmiyama Ishiyama Temple)
Vice Chairman Yoshiyuki Kawato (Chairman of Hamaotsu Tourism Association, President of Lake Biwa Kisen Kaisha Co., Ltd.)
Accounting Fukuike Hideaki (Chief priest of the head temple)
Secretary Susumu Sugie (Otsu City Board of Education Cultural Property Protection Division Manager)
Ishiyama Tourism Association
Keihan Electric Railway
Seijo University of Art and Design Omi Kagaku Research Institute
Honjozan Sonjo-ji
Ohmiyama Ishiyamaji
Hama-Otsu Tourism Association
Biwako Otsu Tourism Association
Lake Biwa Steamship

(In alphabetical order)

■ Contact information
Otsu City Hama-Otsu / Ishiyama area Cultural Heritage Utilization Committee Secretariat (Tel: 077-522-2238)


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